Working Together


• Not be the ultimate expert on the principal’s product, but have the ability to understand their product sufficiently to apply and ultimately sell their product to the account base.

• React promptly to all leads forwarded regardless of opportunity size.

• Promote their line at all rep accounts where applicable.

• Be proactive in marketing the line via cold calls, blanket e-mailers and regular principal visits.

• Provide customer service interface where needed and in accordance with Principal’s instructions.

• Provide accurate customer/opportunity feedback to the principal and work together to ensure “close the sale” success.

• Produce new business via a combination of our own efforts and Principal provided leads.

• Provide adequate sales coverage to the territory.

• Provide objective opinions about sales situations to the principal even if it involves negative input. We all grow from rectifying mistakes and moving on from there.


• Treat the representative like we’re part of the team. Keep the representative in the loop. Copy them on all e-mail and telephone correspondence regarding technical issues, customer service requests, requests for quotes, etc.

• Provide timely turn around on quotes and samples.

• Provide copies of order acknowledgements and invoices.

• Have an open mind about looking at new applications that have not been attempted before.

• Accept and act on feedback that at times might not be positive.

• Market their product to the best of their ability from a financial and personal resource aspect.

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