PREMO extends 3-Phase+Neutral Line EMC Filters up to 600 Amps

PREMO extends 3-Phase+Neutral Line EMC Filters up to 600 Amps

July 22, 2013  :

PREMO is extending its high performance, compact and safe, 3-Phase+Neutral Line filters to meet demands on high power for industrial applications.

PREMO has extended filters in FOUR-WIRE (3 Phase + N) technology for higher power application. FVNSB filters range is now rated from 8 to 600A @ 50°C and offer 3-ph+N sum filtering for potentially noisy machines connected to low-voltage electricity networks.

FVNSB series has been developed with low leakage current of <1mA are attainable in 4-wire connection mode and high performance. The series is available in a compact package with “touch safe” terminal blocks, solid copper bus bars and easy wall or floor installation.

The FVNSB series is standard solution for machine tools with up to 12 axis drive with 10-10 meter of motor cable each likely to be operated in domestic environments (Mixed) and it will allow OEM to comply with Class A or Class B limits. These filters also improve the immunity and reliability of the entire system by means of protecting the machine against incoming conducted interference from the operating environment and it helps to have a lower maintenance cost.

The series has now been extended to offer new 300A, 450A and 600A models, designed for use in high power industrial machines, Machine tools, process automation equipment, Elevator, Drives, Converter

PREMO EMC has a long experience in the development of filters in both DC and AC single and three phases. PREMO designs and manufactures customized filters upon request to meet customer requirements.

PREMO EMC has fixed and on-site laboratories to carry out the EMC tests in machines or installations of its customers and a solution is given or suggested in order to fulfill a specific EMC standard.


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